Manu Chao La Ventura


Manu doesn’t need to be introduced. In stead, we want to tell you the beautiful story that binds him to Esperanzah!

The story begins in 2002, when the idea of Esperanzah! festival was born after a Manu Chao concert, driven by strength and energy.

In 2003, part of the festival team meets up with Manu in his hometown, Barcelona. A memorable evening filled with emotions that would be the start of a solid friendship. Manu makes the promise to come to the festival…one day, but we wouldn’t know when and he would only prevent us a month before.

5 years later, as agreed a month before the event, Manu announces his availability for the festival! This would be his first concert at Esperanzah!, a sign of his incredible generosity.

7 years later he returns to Floreffe, again he shows his commitment by praising the independence and difference of the festival.

This year Esperanah! celebrates the 15th birthday. An opportunity for the festival to invite the artists who embody the identity and take part in the history. Given the strong ties, it is obvious Manu will be present. He will prepare a “special 15Th edition concert” with surprises and guests. A powerful concert: Força Esperanzah!

His appearance not only reinforces this beautiful friendship, but most of all his engagement and we want to share that with you!