Patti Smith

United States

No need to introduce this mythical figure of rock that has given such acclaim to the punk movement, and will be considered the as the godmother of the genre thanks to her album “Horses”.

An artist with many faces that writes poetry and illustrates. Her inspirations range from Rimbaud, Verlaine and John Coltrane through the Rolling Stones, and reflect her personality in a rich cultural universe. For Patti Smith, since the start of her career, art has been the key to produce music, texts, images, lectures paintings, concerts and exhibitions which have her surrounded by the most influential artists of recent years.

Patti Smith is most of all a very engaged artist: ‘'I'm not trying to make records to enter the top ten, there is not the issue. The question is to make records that address the human condition in various and varied levels, and who say things likely to comfort and inspire some people.’ She does not hesitate to let her celebrity serve political and social causes.

It’s with great honour that we announce this unique acoustic concert, combining music and poetry, at Esperanzah!