The association Z !, organizer of Esperanzah! Festival, focuses on events with a social and cultural background that promote multiculturalism. The goal is to bring people of different cultural backgrounds and different generations together, by bringing different art forms and traditions together and taste colors and flavors from around the world.

Esperanzah! Engages itself for the cultural development within the Francophone community, but also on an international level to support various art disciplines and encourage an intercultural approach. With this approach Esperanzah! will demonstrate that the world is a mosaic consisting of men, women and children who all want only just one thing: to live in dignity and with respect for each other!

Bringing thousands of people together on a wonderful celebration, welcoming everyone fighting for a different world.

In addition to the Esperanzah! Festival the association Z! also organizes Jyva'Zik festival in Court-Saint-Etienne and Verdur Rock in Namur (a cooperation with the city of Namur). Parallel to these three different festivals a strong and clear identity is developed by Z! with an annual campaign on a theme related to social and environmental transition. This social and cultural project with different echelons installs a series of events and educational workshops on sensibilisation and development of society and environment.


Embarquement immédiat pour un retour à l'époque de la prohibition, des cabarets sauvages, des plumes et des boas. Revivez avec-nous les années folles au Parc à mitrailles de Court-St-Etienne !

Verdur Rock

Le festival namurois rock, alternatif et durable qui mélange groupes confirmés, jeunes talents, art de rue et convivialité. Situé au coeur de la citadelle de Namur dans un endroit vert et arboré mais à deux pas du centre ville. L’ambiance est à la fois décontractée pour les grands et les petits mais aussi très festive dès la nuit tombée.


Z! supports :


Header Projets ici et ailleurs dans Engagement (2)Can a festival also create development?

FESDIG is an initiative that combines the traditions of Gurmantche in order to preserve artistic heritage as well as the cultural and agricultural in the Gulmu region, located in the east of Burkina Faso. This festival provides an opportunity for economic initiatives to develop a sustainable local market on the long term. The festival celebrates its 10th anniversary in February 2013. Since 7 years Esperanzah! Supports FESDIG not only with a financial contribution but also with expertise


Esperanzah! Barcelona

Esperanzah! BarcelonaEsperanzah! Barcelona is the little brother of Esperanzah! that lets Parc Nou vibrate every year with an extensive line-up.