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Straight from Utrecht this young dutchman called Lodewijk Fluttert aka Bakermat, continues to impress the world of electro.

The Dizzy Brains

The Dizzy Brains is a garage rock band, inspired by The Sonics, as there are many around the world, except for Madagascar, one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world and the birthplace of the quartet.


ODZENNE, originally named“o2zen” was formed by Alix Caillet and Mattia Lucchini when they were still in college. They were inspired by various musical styles such as rap, slam, rock and electro.

Calypso Rose

At 77, Martha Lewis aka Calypso Rose in undeniably the queen of calypso, the Caribbean musical genre. As an outstanding performer, she exposes her vision on the world and the Caribbean daily life.


Six friends wearing a crazy costume and a mustache as their trademark. In four years time this group managed to define their own style on stage: funk, pop, hip-hop, electro,..Deluxe covers all styles in a single groove!

Too Many Zooz

Straight out of the New York Underground where they made Union Square station their stage. They have recently made their path to the European stages. With Matt Doe on trumpet, Leo P on saxophone and King Of Sludges on percussion, this trio brings a mix of different genres.

Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux is one of the world’s most respected MC’s and by the international media she is called the Lauryn Hill of Latin America.