Since many years Esperanzah! takes care of its visitors to offer them an unforgettable time. Not only on a musical level, but also concerning their safety and health. This year we even take it a step further with the label of Quality Nights. The label Quality Nights anticipates on possible risks of partying with a few adjustments. Not that we constrain the party, on the opposite we will take some precautions that will benefit to all the visitors of the festival.

bouchonsdoreilleAt the entrance of the festival, you’ll find some informationpoints where free earplugs are offered by the province of Namur. The Christian Mutuality provides headphones with hearing protection for children.

préservatifsCondoms are offered for free at the informationstands at the festival or at the camping.

eaugratuitecocktailssansalcoolYou’ll find free drinkingwater at the fountains (in collaboration with SWDE) at the bars of the festival and both campings. A large choice of non-alcoholic drinks is for sale at the bars at the festival.

retouràdomicileTo make your trip home as safe as possible and limit the risk of an accident, Esperanzah! has 2 campings and provides information about hotels or guesthouses in the neighbourhood of the festival. Transportfacilities are explained in detail. Alcoholtests are available at the informationpoint ‘Santé’. In collaboration with BackSafe.

nourrituresaineAt the Comptoir des Saveurs you’ll find, healthy and varied food, made with respect for people and environment, to give you new energy to party on!

accèsPMRWe provide facilities to all concerts and activities during the whole weekend for people with disabilities.
- A team of volunteers will help you out.
- Parking is provided
- A platform is provided at all stages
- Accessible toilets at several spots throughout the festivalsite.

alertesdroguesinfos santé The information points Saser, Sex&Co and Excepté Jeunes (situated at the Côté Cour between the bar and Radio Bistrot) and Modus Vivendi give you information about the risks of partying and how to limit them. Prevention and reusable alcoholtests are offered for free. There is a chill-out zone at the festive camping. Questions can be answered by our volunteers.

premierssecoursFirst Aid is provided by l’Association du Centre de Secours d’Uccle near the Comptoir des Saveurs and the partycampings (close to the village) and the familycamping (near the entrance). In case of emergency volunteers will help you out!

Espacechill-outYou can find Chill Out zones at the ‘Village des Possibles’, at the ‘Jardins suspendus’, close to Baz’ Art, at the ‘Comptoir des Saveurs’ and the children’s village.

personnelforméAll volunteers of Esperanzah! can help you out to guide you all directions of several provisions of the quality label.